7. Even More Good News

On this heroic journey that you are on as a teenager there are some really good experiences that naturally occur—not all the time and often not when you expect them and you can’t even see them coming much of the time—but they come.

Examples of Good Experiences That Naturally Happen on the Journey
(Although You Can’t Always See Them Coming)

  • It’s exciting to grow and to discover and find new aspects of yourself
  • It’s energizing to learn and see things start to fall into place—whether it’s how to relate to others, suddenly seeing how the study of history shows you how the world works or how you fit in the larger world
  • It’s exciting to start to understand why people act the way they do (including you) and how to deal with that
  • It feels good to be able to understand and do new things, whether large or small
  • It’s exciting and reassuring to see relationships become richer and deeper 
  • It feels good to discover how you make a difference in little ways (and sometimes in big ways)
  • You can start to see a future for yourself as a young adult
  • It feels good to start to find effective ways to manage your daily life vs. having others taking care of you all the time
  • A sense of power or influence grows as you become more and more independent—more the author of your life
  • It feels good to be able to play supporting roles in the journeys of your peers, realizing that you make a difference

So, what can I expect on this journey? How do I make sense out of the experience? How do I get more of these good experiences?

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