2. The Good News—You have a Map and Guidance

The heroic journey provides two really useful benefits. It can tell you what to expect and how to make sense out of the experience you are having and it can guide you in figuring out what to do about it.

The path you must travel is well known, so there is a map. The classic heroic journey is the fundamental story of change. It is the story that almost all cultures throughout time have told in various forms to guide people in creating a life worth living as well as establishing or revitalizing a community. Although every journey plays out in its own unique way, the underlying framework will be common and it can be trusted. 


What can I expect? What’s normal—even if it seems confusing, weird or annoying? 

The heroic journey tells the story about what to expect and how to make sense out of the vast range of experiences encountered as a teenager. One advantage is that simply knowing the range of natural challenges that come with being a teenager—and how tough they can be—can help you realize that, if you feel like you are struggling, it’s probably not that you are somehow lacking. It’s that the challenges guarantee that you will struggle at times. 

What Can I do about it? How do I manage my journey? 

The heroic journey also provides a structure for figuring out how to respond to those experiences - how to self-manage, how to get the support you need and how to support others. It doesn’t solve all the problems but it can guide you in dealing with them effectively.

More Good News—It’s Useful Throughout Life

The heroic journey will be of valuable at any point in your life because the heroic journey is a spiral that we follow multiple times it’s the story of change at any age. If you get good at managing the journey as a teenager, you will have a good preparation for being a successful adult. It can also prepare you to be a leader or an effective follower. You will know what to expect on a journey of change—as a teenager, as an adult, even in leading others on journeys of change. That may sound weird from the viewpoint of only being in your teens, but it’s true.

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