1. Understand the Challenges (Courage to see the truth)

Now that you understand the three big challenges you face on the heroic journey of a teenager and what to expect on the journey, the question becomes, “What can you do to manage your journey?”

Be the Author of Your Life 
Be Like the CEO of a Business (Really)

You and a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a corporation have many of the same challenges. That may sound weird, but it’s true in many ways. There are six steps required of a CEO will also support you in being successful on the heroic journey.

Although these six steps provide a solid common model, they will look different for everyone as everyone gets to design the steps for him or her self. These steps won’t restrict you at all and they aren’t a step-by-step prescription. They just provide a focus for your attention and actions, so that you can act with increasing confidence.

Note. Courage in several forms is required to do this successfully. The type of courage required for each step is noted. Some discipline is also required because there is actually a fair amount of thought that goes into being the author and that has to be followed by action. There is not an overwhelming amount of courage, thought or action required, but don’t be surprised if you run into some resistance when you go to take these steps. Hopefully you will find a group or mentor or companion to support you in taking these six steps.  

You can succeed as a teenager without making a dedicated effort to take these steps, but you can succeed sooner, be more successful and be better prepared to be successful as an adult if you do use this framework consciously.  

CEOs must understand the challenges their businesses face or they can’t focus actions. Basically, your business as a teenager is to successfully meet the three big challenges of:

  1. Forming an identity
  2. Building relationships and connections
  3. Developing the competencies of a young adult

It’s always tough to look the dragons directly in the eye, particularly these three big dragons faced as a teenager, because they are so big and it takes so long to really deal with them successfully. That’s why it takes the courage to see the truth and the discipline to engage them directly.

(You can look at the first section that focuses on the three big challenges for details.)


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