2. Create a Vision, Purpose and/or Heroic Code (Courage to Commit)

CEOs must create a vision that shows people where the organization is headed. This is the desired future to which people are called to commit. The more clear and compelling the vision, the stronger the commitment. 

As a teenager this is where your work in forming an identity comes into play.

  1. What do you see as your purpose or your heroic code?
  2. How are you significant, particularly in small ways?
  3. What characteristics do you want to describe you?
  4. What would success look like for you?

This is a deceptively important strategy for businesses and it is equally important for you on your journey. Developing a vision of who you are/want to be takes a surprising amount of courage, so take pride in the work that you do in this area. You will almost certainly see that your vision/purpose/code will evolve over time as you gain experience on your journey. In fact, this is a life-long issue. It starts in the teen years, but it will be relevant your whole life.  

Please Note. Vision, purpose and heroic code are three ways of looking at a similar issue—who am I and what am I about? You can get a lot out of reflecting on any one of them, so don’t feel compelled to “be good” and develop all three right away. Just start with any one and go from there.  

(You can look at the first section that focuses on the three big challenges for details on forming an identity and vision/purpose/code.)


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