Unhealthy Relationships

 Characteristics of Unhealthy Relationships – Warning Signs
Your Partner’s Behavior

“Someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality.”
Les Brown

Not surprisingly, these characteristics are often the opposite of good relationships. To be more specific, however, you are in a bad relationship if very many of the following are true.

Note. The difference between a bad relationship and an abusive relationship can be a matter of either the number or intensity of unhealthy behaviors that characterize the relationship. It is an abusive relationship if the characteristics include physical, emotional or sexual abuse.

  • He constantly checks up on you, including looking at your phone, asking friends about you, quizzing you
  • She won’t let you talk with other girls
  • He lies to you
  • She threatens to hurt herself or others if you don’t do as required or try to break up
  • He loses his temper quickly or easily and shows big mood swings
  • She keeps you away from your friends
  • He pressures you into behaviors you don’t want to do, including sexual activity, drug/alcohol use or other risky behaviors
  • She does things that scare you or hurt you – or others (including animals)
  • She puts you down in front of others – or even when you are alone
  • He holds you back in activities you care about (school, sports, performing arts, community activities)
  • She tries to change you, not accepting who you are

    “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
    Eleanor Roosevelt

“A healthy relationship will never require you to sacrifice your friends, your dreams, or your dignity.”