The Heroic Journey of Teenagers  |  Table of Contents

Section One
The Three Core Challenges on the Journey

Core Challenge #1:  Forming a Young Adult Identity

Part One:  From Child to Adult - It’s a Journey – It Takes Time

Part Two:  Elements That Combine to Form Your Identity Puzzle

Part Three:  Explore and Commit

Part Four:  Put the Picture Together

Part Five – Identity Pitfalls


Core Challenge #2:  Developing Relationships

Part One:  Relationships with Parents

Part Two:  Peer Relationships

Part Three:  Romantic Relationships

Part Four:  Characteristics of Healthy & Unhealthy Relationships

Part Five:  Sex & Relationships

Part Six:  Emotional Intelligence & Relationship Competencies

Part Seven:  It’s About a Web of Relationships

Part Eight:  Relationship Pitfalls


Core Challenge #3:  Building Competencies

Part One:  The Foundation for Adulthood

Part Two:  It’s a Journey – It Takes Time

Part Three:  The Keys to Mastering Your Competencies

Part Four:  Pitfalls on the Journey


Section Two
What to Expect on the Journey

1. Why the Heroic Journey?  It’s everyone’s story & it tells the truth

2. The Challenges & Growth are on Five Levels

3. There are Two Types of Journey

4. It’s Like a Play in Three Acts

5. There are 3 Types of Test

6. Staying Healthy – Support Networks & Life Energy


Section Three
What to do About it – Six Strategies for Managing the Journey

1. Face reality and Understand the Challenges (Courage to see the truth)

2. Create a Vision and a Heroic Code (Courage to commit)

3. Put a Plan in Place (Courage to commit)

4. Connect with the Right People – Build a Support Web (Courage to rely on others)

5. Build Capability – Discover & Master the New Ways of Young Adulthood (Courage to act and persevere)

6. “Hold the Course” – Track Progress & Maintain Energy (Courage to persevere and be accountable)


Other Topics


  • If You Are Feeling Suicidal
  • If a Friend is Feeling Suicidal

Notes to the Guides

  • Notes to Parents
  • Notes to Teachers
  • Notes to Those in Counselor Roles
  • Notes to Those in Other Roles

Other Resources
There is a lot of information and wisdom out there. No one has “the” answer and no one has a monopoly on the truth, so be curious and search for what will support you on your journey.

Quotes are wonderful snippets of wisdom and can cut through all the noise. Others have gone before us on their journeys and their wisdom can be invaluable in almost any situation. We are not alone.