Special Topics

There is a lot of information that is important, but doesn’t fit easily into the main part of the site.  That’s why this section exists.

The Quotes

There are hundreds of quotes in about 20 categories that relate to your journey and life in general.  These quotes are “snippets of wisdom”, so just follow your interest and see which quotes speak to you.  One good activity is to scan the quotes occasionally and record the ones that you like.  It’s amazing how much guidance about living a life you can collect.

The Resources

These links will connect you to a large number of resources on various topics – from your health, to how to make a difference in the world, to relationships.  These resources are credible, but there is an amazing amount of information out there, so be curious.

Almost all of the resources listed are national in scope and are from sources that are not advertising themselves.  For specific services, you can search locally.

The Topics

There are a bunch of topics here and more will continue to be added.  The current topics range from gaming and how to thrive as a teenager to what to do when you are knocked down.  The site is big and complex because being a teenager is a big complex challenge – so we will continue to put more info on specific topics of interest in this section.

 As Always – be Curious and Follow Your Interests