The Value you Bring to a Relationship

It’s much easier to take the risk to try developing new relationships when you have a good self-image, when your view of your identity is one of a person worth being in a relationship with. This is where the section on the identity challenge becomes critical.

You don’t have to be the best at everything to be worth
being a partner in a relationship

But it is important to have a sense of how you are worthy. That can come from what you discovered in the sections on how you are of significance, your personal qualities, your sense of purpose and your values. It also comes from experience.

It also comes from your emotional intelligence, communication skills, empathy, curiosity, sense of humor, etc. All the pieces add up, so see what the whole picture looks like – and remember that almost everyone is struggling with this pitfall.

In terms of adults – particularly adults being willing to support you – please understand that we were all teenagers once and most of us remember it quite well. Most of us are more than willing to support teenagers on their journey – but we often don’t know how to do it because lots of times teenagers don’t let us in. It feels good to support another person and the nobility of teenagers on a heroic journey is well worth supporting, so you can assume that most adults will see your significance and be very willing to support you in meeting the challenges you face.