Applying the CSFs

The Experience of the Journey and Managing Your Journey

Freedom is not the absence of commitments, but the ability to choose and commit myself to what is best for me.


Thriving on the Journey – Topics & Worksheets (“Thought Catchers”)


Worksheets (“Thought Catchers”)

3 Core Challenges

How the 3 Core Challenges Look to Me

3 Core Challenges & Me – What I Want to Work On

#1 Identity

Voices – Inner & Outer

Managing My Inner Voices

4 Central Elements (significance, purpose, characteristics, values)

Ways in Which I am Significant

How My Purpose Plays Out in My Life

My Personal Qualities

Building on My Personal Qualities

My Personal Qualities in Action

My Value Set

10 More Elements (gender & sexual orientation, race & ethnicity, affiliations & activities, physical appearance, capabilities, culture, religion, socio-economic status, nation/region, politics)

10 More Elements of My Identity 

4 “Identity States”

Where am I on My Journey?

My Identity Puzzle

The Puzzle Pieces in My Identity

My Brand

Your Brand – 3 Sets of Guiding Questions

Developing My Personal Brand – Guiding Questions

Map of Actions to Build My Brand

#2 Relationships



Ways to get to the “Healthy & Connected” (Coming)

“Good Relationships”

What Am I Bringing to a Relationship?

Relationship Capabilities I Want to Develop (Coming)

Sexual Relationships

Guiding Questions for Good Choices (Coming)



Relationship Skills


Relationship Web

Persevering in Developing Relationships (Coming)

People in My Web of Relationships (Coming)

Online Relationships

Connecting Online – My Plan (Coming)

#3 Competencies



Being the Author – Building Competencies


Opportunities I Want to Pursue to Develop Competencies

Building the Competencies I Want – My Plan

“Learning to Love the Plateau”


Support Web

Building a Support Web (Coming)



Building New Habits

Breaking Bad Habits

The Journey


3 Types of Test (letting go, discovery & mastery, “inbetweenity”

Which Tests Am I Encountering?

Letting Go – How I’m Doing

Discovery & Mastery – How I’m Doing 

Dealing with “Inbetweenity” – How I’m Doing

Grow on 5 Levels (intellectual, physical, emotional, social, & spiritual)

How I’m Being Tested Now 


It’s a Rollercoaster

What Can I do About it? Common Feelings for Me – Now

Others on Your Journey

People I’m Encountering on My Journey & How I’m Managing the Relationships


Energy Traps & Sources

My Sources of Life Energy


Beginning – Becoming the Author

Things I Can Do


As I Grow – Others’ Responses

Managing the “Ripple Effects” of My Changes


The Pitfalls to Manage

Dealing with the Natural Pitfalls – How I’m Doing


Managing the Journey


Face the Challenges Directly

How the 3 Core Challenges Look to Me Now

How I’m Doing with the Different Parts of the Journey

Create a Vision & Heroic Code

My Vision of My Life

Staying on the Path to My Vision

My Heroic Code

Staying True to My Heroic Code

Put an Action Plan in Place

My Plan – Being the Author

Build a Web of Support

Building My Support Network


Build Capability


Persevere & “Hold the Course”

How I Can Build Resilience

Managing My Energy

Check Ins – 3 Questions to Stay on the Path