Heroic Journey

It’s Every Teenager’s Story, But Looks Different for Each Person

The journey will look different for everyone, but there is a basic pattern underlying the journey that you will share.  Remember  every teenager you know is on the journey – so help each other.

From the Known to the Unknown – There is No Choice

Becoming a teenager is not a choice.  It just happens – to everyone.  You can expect to leave the known world of childhood and cross a threshold into a new world of mystery and challenges and tests and new experiences.  You can expect the fastest period of growth and development since you were an infant. 

How Our Stories Differ from the Myths & Movies

The only differences between the heroic myths and movies and our own personal heroic stories are the following:

  • Grand vs. Normal Life. The heroic myths are grand and our own heroism is usually, lived out in our daily lives and seems unremarkable in comparison.
  • Infrequent vs. Normal Life.  The heroic myths tell about occasional journeys and our own journeys are surprisingly frequent and even overlapping at times.  The big one is the teenage journey.
  • Larger than Life Figures vs. Normal People.  Most of the heroic figures in the myths are larger than life whereas we, with some exceptions, are normal people doing what we need to do to make a difference.

The heroic journey really is our story and it is the one that can challenge and support us in leading the changes we need to lead and creating the life we want for ourselves.  We just need to say “yes.”

Trust Yourself and the Journey
The Heroic Journey is Built into Our DNA

Trust Yourself

This is not a new model that has to be learned.  Most of the stories we have read, the movies we have watched and the make-believe we have created have been based on the heroic journey.  Star Wars, the Hunger Games, the Odyssey, Harry Potter and most books for children and teenagers have all taught us about the heroic journey.

Trust the Journey – Cultures Throughout Time Have Done So

The heroic journey has been used by most cultures throughout time to teach their members how to create a life or a community – or renew that individual’s or community’s life.

Adolescence is – by definition – a developmental heroic journey and you can safely assume that all of your peers are on that journey.  Your parents and teachers have been on that journey.   Everyone experiences the journey in his or her own unique way, but the basic path is known.