All Services are Adapted Collaboratively


Although the heroic journey is the story of being a teenager, it shows up differently for every teenager.  Services will also need to be adapted to the nature and needs of each group or school because no two groups or schools will be the same.  The methods of delivery will also need to be customized.  Services can also be combined in creative ways.   

The services noted below are examples and they are really starting points for a conversation to customize the journey. 

Scale and sustainability are both helped by “train the trainer” type engagements, so that is always an option. 

For More Information contact us by email for more information on topics that are of interest to you.

School Systems


Adapting with School Admin/Faculty

  1. Specific Critical Topics – for example bullying, suicide, thriving, staying healthy on the journey
  2. Orienting Students to Their Journey and How to Manage it
  3. Creating a Heroic Culture – a culture supporting the journey
  4. Counseling Programs – in general or specific topics
  5. Specific Courses/Classes/Teams/Clubs
  6. “Train the Trainers” – to get the desired scale as well as sustainability

Adapting with Parents/Families

  1. Orientation to the THJ
  2. Parenting Pitfalls and Opportunities
  3. Partnering with Schools on Key Issues

Community Organizations

Youth Organizations, Faith Communities, Police/Criminal Justice

Adapt the THJ for Developmental Programs

  1. Leadership
  2. Citizenship
  3. Thriving as a Teenager and Young Adult
  4. Helping/supporting peers on their journey

Adapt the THJ for Recovery Programs

  1. Addiction
  2. Abuse/Rape
  3. Injury/Illness
  4. Specific Traumas
  5. From Surviving to Thriving

“Train the Trainers” – to get the desired scale as well as sustainability is also available for either developmental or recovery work.