Parent Relationships

Makeovers and Moving Targets – A Heroic Journey For Everyone

From Parent/Child to Parent/Teenager to Adult/Young Adult

The parent-child relationship develops over 12 years. There is consistent change, but usually nothing dramatic. All of a sudden, that changes because you went from being a child to being a teenager with the task of becoming a young adult. You can’t do that in a healthy way if the relationship stays parent-child. But what is a parent-teenager relationship supposed to look like? And how does it transition into an adult-young adult relationship?

The Central Challenge – Parents Letting Go of Control and Teenagers Taking on Responsibility

This is the central challenge for parents and teenagers during the teenage years. Parents must let go of control and make room for the teenager to take on more responsibility – becoming the author of his or her life. And teenagers must let go of being a child and being taken care of to take on the responsibility to have that kind of control over their lives. It’s not easy for either parent or teenager and the relationship competencies noted later will certainly come into play and be tested.