Thriving on the Journey

12 Critical Success Factors (Part One)

This section focuses on 12 critical success factors (CSFs), that can make the difference between surviving the teenage journey and thriving.  In either case the journey and challenges are fundamentally the same – but your experience can be dramatically different depending on how much influence you bring to bear.

Note.  This section is designed to be a companion to the big sections on the three core challenges you face as a teenager, the journey you will encounter and the strategies for managing that journey. 

Each CSF is important and can make a difference for you, but the more you can combine, the more influence you will have in creating your experience – being the author.

Acting (Part Two)

The 12 CSFs are followed by a chart that shows the worksheets that relate to the key topics.  That is designed to make it easy for you to get to the worksheets of most interest to you.  These are the same worksheets you will see in the big sections on challenges, journey and managing the journey. 

They are designed to catch your thoughts – both insights and questions as well as possible actions you can take. 

Be Curious

As usual, the key is to be curious and apply what you find to be of interest.  Thriving just means being very curious and very intentional about how you apply what you discover.