Pursue the Opportunities

The dangers of social media get most of the attention, but that can mask the opportunities. There are a lot of ways that social media can help you make connections and build your web of relationships.

For Example:

  • You can reach lots of people
  • You can get involved in lots of groups and organizations
  • You can join chat rooms and such to associate, learn, contribute
  • You can overcome geographic limitations
  • You can be involved in more diversity – connect to people different than you and in situations different from yours
  • You can stay connected between face-to-face opportunities or even phone contacts
  • You can do quick updates, touches – don’t always have to meet or have phone calls longer than necessary
  • You can ask for advice
  • You can find people with similar interests
  • It’s often easier to handle criticism easier if you don’t have to react right away
  • It provides a world to connect to beyond family, neighborhood, school…….

That are a Lot of Opportunities to Pursue, So:

  • Think about how you want to use social media to connect – how you want to use it, not just reacting to others or what pops up in front of you.
  • Try lots of connections with low expectations of what will happen. Just see what results and continue where your experience is good and stop engaging where it is a negative experience.
  • And – always balance your time and attention online with the time and attention you devote to the non-digital world around you.

Connecting Online – My Plan

Connections How to Connect (Method, tool) – Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. Why – Get What From the Connection?
Individual Connections
Connections to Groups (Interest groups, civic or professional groups, chatrooms, etc.