The essential teenage guide for navigating your journey.

Guidance for teens and adults navigating the 10-year teen heroic journey

What is the Heroic Journey of Teenagers?

As a teenager, you are on a 10-year heroic journey – just like in the stories and myths. You have to leave the known world of childhood, discover and master the ways of young adulthood, and deal with all the mysteries in-between (“inbetweenity”). It’s a rollercoaster and it naturally requires courage, perseverance and resilience – which build on the journey.

This site can help you understand your 3 core challenges; know what to expect on your journey and make sense of your experience; and discover how to manage your journey with increasing confidence.

The site is big, so the key is to be curious. It’s not a book online, so just go wherever your interest leads you.

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