Who?  The Authors


Gordon Barnhart – The Original Author


Why the Teen Heroic Journey?
I created a model for leading corporate change based on the myth of the heroic journey, which is the fundamental story of change – individual, corporate or community.  In the process I realized that being a teenager was literally a heroic journey.  It is your story and can help understand your experience and what to do about it.

My Transition – From Corporations to Teenagers
In 2019 I am transitioning from management consulting and executive coaching, which I have done for 30 years, to working with teenagers and the adults that care about them.  So, I’m off on a journey too.

In the last 30 years I have worked with a lot of companies and organizations that you have never heard of and some that you have – like Microsoft, GE Aircraft Engines, P&G, and GM.  I have also worked with a lot of community organizations, mostly on a volunteer basis.  For the last 15 years I have been focused on healthcare, which is an industry going through such fundamental change that it’s like trying to “rebuild the plane in flight.”   

Experience with Teenagers
Before consulting, I worked at a large youth center in NYC, was Dean of Boys at a private High School in Washington, D.C, consulted on designing an alternative high school, and worked as a therapist with teenagers and families.  I’ve also consulted to several large public school systems and was Board President of a private school.

And I have 22-year old boy/girl twins, who have worked very hard to train me.

Future Authors

My expectation is that this site will continue to evolve with experience – and that a lot of people will be the authors of that development. 

Teenagers that use the site will have a lot to say about improving it – the content, how it is delivered and ways to use the site.  The adults involved with teenagers – from parents to school and community organization staff – will also have a lot to say.    



The purpose of the site is to provide a wide range of information to help teenagers and their trusted adults on what to expect as a teenager and how to manage the experience – “be the author.”

The site is not designed to replace therapy, counseling, medical advice or treatment.  It is not prescriptive.


The Center for Heroic Leaders

TheTeenHeroicJourney.org is a project of the Center for Heroic Leadership, an LLC dedicated to supporting corporate and community leaders in leading change.   www.heroicleaders.com


Privacy Basics

We collect no personal information.  Nor do we have access to any information you add to the worksheets (“thought catchers”).  We use Google Analytics to track usage of the site, but that is data that is not attached to an individual.  See Terms & Conditions for details.