Natural Range of Experiences

It’s Often a Rollercoaster

There are lots of ups & downs AND you will be pulled in different directions – between childhood & adulthood.  It can be exciting and scary.


Perseverance and Resilience Build as You Go  (Capabilities)

The teen journey is a long journey, so it requires the ability to persevere and build resilience.  Perseverance is refusing to quit, to give up in the face of setbacks, disappointments or losses.  Resilience is the ability to successfully adapt to life – dealing with the inevitable stresses, traumas, threats and setbacks.

She was unstoppable, not because she did not have failures or doubts, but because she continued on despite them.  Beau Taplin


“Heroes Don’t Go Alone” – A Support Network is Key

“How do I stay healthy on a long journey with so many challenges and tests and so many ups and downs?”  A web of support can be large or small.  Some people are good at developing such a web and some are not – but they are important.

The 70/30 Rule of Managing Energy

On the journey there are lots of energy traps – from setbacks to lost relationships to frustration.  There are also lots of sources of energy – from small successes and companionship to enjoyable activities and pets.  The key is spending 70% of your time and attention on taking advantage of the energy sources.