Your Role – Notes & Guidelines

Introductory Notes & Guidelines

  • This is a very big site – just use it as a resource – not a book to read end to end
  • This is a ten-year heroic journey for teenagers and it is complex and challenging – a true journey, not a race
  • There is no recipe here – just general guidelines and suggestions – everyone “learns the way” and  everyone’s journey is different
  • There is a pretty extensive Summary and you can always skim the table of contents to see what might be of interest. 

Notes & Guidelines For:

  • Teenagers                                                            
  • Parents/Extended Families                            
  • Teachers                                                               
  • Coaches                                                                 
  • Counselors (formal & informal)                

The cure for boredom is Curiosity.  There is no cure for Curiosity.