It’s a Journey – It Takes Time

Be the Author – Take Charge of Your Competency Development

The challenge is to be author of building these competencies – you will need to be the author or they won’t get built.  You will need to be the author of the experience in two ways. One is taking advantage of the opportunities that are naturally presented to you (vs. just getting by).  The other is taking the initiative to develop competencies that are desirable, but where you have to be more active in making it happen.

Your Trajectory on the Journey is the Key

Because there are so many competencies and they develop over a long period of time, the key thing to look at is your trajectory – not how many competencies are left to be developed.  If you are being the author and developing a reasonable number of competencies – to the level you want – then you are on a good trajectory.  You are moving down the path, and you can feel good about that and just “hold the course.”    

Create Your Competency Plan – It’s About What You Want

A plan is important, but the greatest value comes in the process of thinking through your goals and how to reach them.  A plan is actually a commitment to yourself and a commitment to a set of actions. 

A good plan today is better than a perfect plan next month.

Opportunities I Want to Pursue to Develop Competencies

You can assume that you will refine your plan as you go down the path because we always learn as we go and have to respond to what we learn.  There are always surprises (good and bad), there are always barriers and setbacks and we always learn what works and can apply that.

Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.

Alan Lakein, How to Get Control of Your Time and Your

Find the Support You Need – Heroes Never Go Alone

You have to find your teachers, coaches, trainers, mentors, and companions.  Don’t wait for them to find you.  This is particularly true outside of school when you need to find support in the larger community, extended family, etc.