Quotes for Your Heroic Journey

Why Quotes?

  1. Quotes are little snippets of wisdom from across cultures and time.
  2. Look to see which quotes speak to you.  Be curious and see what you find. 
  3. These quotes aren’t directions – not “do this” instructions.  They are for reflection and for you to adapt to your life if they make sense to you.

Note.  I highlighted the quotes I liked the most at the beginning of each section, but you may have a different perspective.

Ways to Use the Quotes

As with almost everything on this site, the key is making it your own (being the author).  The following suggestions are just that – suggestions.  Choose whatever works for you or make up your own approach.

And – Keep it Simple.  There is a worksheet in this section that you can use to capture your thoughts and quotes you particularly like – so they don’t get lost.

  1. Write down your own thoughts – your own quotes as they come to you.
  2. Identify your top 10 quotes.
  3. Collect all the quotes that you like as you come across them.
  4. Choose a couple of quotes each week on which to focus.
  5. Use the quotes as a basis for conversations with peers and trusted adults.

Other Notes on the Quotes

  • I basically agree with almost all of these quotes, although some I could argue with.
  • Some sexism is evident, given the historical and cultural origins of some of the quotes – they focus on man, men, he, him. Ignore it, as none of the quotes are exclusive to men.
  • There is a little profanity is in a few quotes, but very little.
  • Some quotes are attributed to multiple people. Many were just cited as “unknown” or “anonymous.”

Categories of Quotes