Be Curious.

There are a lot of resources in this section, so be curious and poke around. No one has all the answers, but these are good starting points.

You’re the Author.

What is a good resource for one person may not be for another, so I’m not endorsing all these resources for you. You will need to judge which are good resources for you and you will probably use a bunch of them. Talking with peers and trusted adults can help you choose. Not all these resources agree with each other on everything, but there is a lot of common ground.

A Note to Adults.

The resources here are specifically for teenagers, but you will find a lot that can inform how you work with them. In fact, some of the resources are written to adults, particularly parents.

A Note to Teenagers.

Some of these resources are written to parents and other adults. Just ignore that and see what’s useful (there will be a lot).

Broken Links. Please let us know if you find a broken link because that’s not unusual when there are so many sites.