Warning Signs – Your Thoughts and Behaviors

You can also pay attention to your own experience – what you are thinking or feeling.

  • You find yourself increasingly less confident in yourself
  • You are spending less and less time with friends, family or in your normal activities
  • Your appearance, emotions, grades or other performance indicators have changed significantly since the relationship started.
  • You worry a lot about how they will react to things you say or do
  • You feel that your needs and desires come second – or aren’t valued at all
  • You hesitate to express your thoughts and feelings
  • Others warn you about this person or group
  • The emotions expressed towards you are mostly negative – angry, blaming, putdowns, disappointment
  • You are starting to mistrust your own judgments
  • Your sense of your own worth is declining
  • You feel like a possession

Never allow someone else to be your priority while allowing
yourself to be their option
Mark Twain